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Monday, December 23, 2013


Has quiet
Always been
Such a battle
For me
This year
It is

What am
I even battling

Maybe it’s this season
Of excess
Shining a light on
My lack

Maybe I was content once
With simple things
But this season
Tempts me
To want more

Maybe I can’t
Fit my
Complicated life
Into the template of
This happy season

Maybe the unknown
Stares me down
Every day
And I don’t
Know how
To welcome that

Maybe I associate peace with  
A mostly good life
And life isn’t mostly good yet
So how can there be peace

Maybe it’s a battle
No matter what life is
To find quiet
To feel peace
To be still
And stay
And hear God

Maybe quiet
Is always a battle
But I just notice it more
This year

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