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Monday, December 16, 2013

Blame The Sufferer

I believe
That God is
Sometimes silent
During the times  
We need him most
During the times
We would much prefer
That he make himself

I really don’t know
Why God is silent

I don’t believe
That protection and healing
Come about
Because someone
Prays hard enough
With the right people
In the right way

I really don’t know
How prayer works

I don’t know a lot of things

But I try
Not to make up

Or blame the sufferer

Blame the sufferer
For God’s absence
Say it’s a lack of faith
An unwillingness to be refined

Blame the sufferer
For the circumstance
Say it’s the consequence of something
The life God planned for this person

Blame the sufferer
Demand peaceful acceptance
Of the pain
Because acceptance
Makes the suffering sacred
And the person holy
And everyone
More comfortable

Blame the sufferer
Distance ourselves
From the sufferer
Push the sufferer

While God
Does just
The opposite

Holds the sufferer

Weeps alongside
The sufferer

Shows love to
The sufferer

Possibly even suffers
With the sufferer

Does everything
Blame the sufferer
For the suffering

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