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Monday, December 16, 2013

Church People

Church people
Are pretty good
At extending sympathy
At “sorry for your pain”
At feeding and caring
For the wounded
When the wound
Is fresh

Church people
Aren’t very good
At listening
While others question God
Or speak of how
The circumstance
Is changing everything
Once believed

Church people
Are good at
Early pain
When there is a lot to do
And little time to think 

But as time goes on
And pain collides
With old beliefs
In unsettling

Church people

Can’t bear to be present
For the tough questions
Out of fear
For where
It might lead

Can’t entertain questions
That linger unanswered
For too long

Can’t even admit
That the questions
Are good

Can’t accompany others
To the wide open
Place of pain
Beyond I’m sorry
Here’s a casserole

Can’t be present
With the part of pain
That is thoughtful
Quiet, honest

Can’t go anywhere near
Where the griever must stay
For quite a while
And this worsens the pain
Alienates the griever

Can’t go
Or won’t go
Where they have
Never been

This is where
We need
To do better

This is where
Church people
All people maybe

Offering scraps of comfort
Surface sunshine
And answers they
Have not
Thought through

Offering casseroles
To a world
In desperate need of

 (no offense to the casseroles…I love them just we
   have to do better)

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