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Monday, December 23, 2013

No Win

This is such
An impossible

A no win

If I keep us afloat
I look stingy
Lacking holiday spirit

If I spread us too thin
It’s that much harder next month
For me
And no one else
Because no one else
Really cares

This is not fun for me
Being so detailed
But not perfect
So still wondering
Where it all goes
And how
On earth
I could track things
Any better

Aware that
Plenty of others
Have it worse
But a fair amount
Have it better

And today
I would like
To have it better

Instead of being stuck
In the land of No

No “Good job getting us
       through this season”

No “Can’t believe we covered
       what was needed
       without using credit”

No “Those were tough choices
       but I get why they were made”

Just “We need to buy this
        and bring this
        and do this”

I actually do like fun
I actually do like things
I actually would like another life
That had more fun
And more things
But for now
It’s this life
And these choices

Now accepting
For anyone
Who wants to do this job
In my place

Starting immediately
No training provided
Best of luck
With it all

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