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Monday, December 23, 2013



Three ways
That Christians
Say God
Answers prayer

When the answer is “Yes”
We say
God loves to shower
Good things
On his children

When the answer is “No”
We say 
God’s perfect plan
Requires our long-term suffering

When the answer is “Wait”
We say
God’s timing is perfect
And our pain
During the wait
Is necessary


Do our prayers influence
The yes, no, or wait

Can the right prayer
Change a no to a yes

Can the wrong prayer
Change a wait to a no
Is it possible
That sometimes
There is just
No answer

Did God truly
Design a plan
That requires
Our pain

How odd
That would be
Like an architect
Intentionally including
Design flaws
In a brand new building project 
Adding beams that don’t hold weight
Compromising the structure by choice

Odd thing
For an architect
Who loves his buildings
To do

Odd thing
For a God
Who loves his children
To do

Require disease
Require disaster
Requires broken lives
For his plan

Maybe our lives are broken
Our world is broken

Maybe buildings collapse
Because something other
Went wrong

And not because
The designer
Planned from the start
For them to fall

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