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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Too Easy

You are making this
Too easy
Or so hard
That it’s becoming

Your response
When I say again
I can’t do this
Too much longer

Though you asked me
To talk to you
Said you wanted to hear
What I had to say

Me talking at you
Repeating the same old concerns
You not responding

So why did you ask

Your reaction
When I say that I
Can’t keep living alone with you
Can’t continue building a full life
Separate from you
Can’t keep watching you do nothing
While you watch me do everything

Futile to keep
Asking you to live
When you
Don’t want to

I’m not even asking
That you
Love me

That’s a request for
A different time
A stronger you

I’m asking
That you
Love you

Because maybe
When you love you
You will want to live

And when you want to live
You may care again about love

And living is what I want for you
And loving is what I want for us

Are you getting this
I’m not asking you to see
I’m asking you to live

Because I can figure out
How to live
With blind you
But I cannot figure out
How to live
With lifeless you

I cannot
Figure out
How to live
With someone
Who is dead inside
And doesn’t care
To find out why

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