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Monday, August 26, 2013


My life
Just flat out
Devastates me

Just doesn’t cooperate
With my efforts

I know
Life is hard
For everyone
But is it this hard
For this long
For everyone

Maybe it is
And they are all heroes

Maybe others do better
At missing all
I am missing

Maybe others are ok lacking
A home with hope and happiness

Maybe others don’t wish for
A kinder life
A little more peace

But these are things that everyone deserves
These are things that anyone would miss

And not having them is hard

Not having them is
Like having no control
Over the script
Someone is writing
For your life
But being forced
To show up anyway
And act

A miserable show
With terrible acting
Pitiful to watch
Pitiful to live

But temporary
I swear to God temporary
Because I am a script writer at heart
Not a powerless actress

My life circumstances are pitiful
The choices I have to make are pitiful
The pain I feel most of the time is pitiful

But I
Am not

Though life crushes me
Fresh all the time
I am not pitiful

That much I know

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