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Sunday, August 18, 2013


We only
Hear about
The exceptions

Disabled people
Who are

The Jonis
The Bocellis
The blind mountain climbers
The limbless Olympians

I realize now
I only ever heard
About the exceptions
The admirably disabled

I never thought to wonder
Where were the others
Where were the unexceptional

The angry ones

The ones
Who can’t
Make peace
With their loss

The ones
Who would rather die
Than live
A limited life

The ones
Too sad
To try

I know now
That the exceptional
Are few

And I know now where
The unexceptional are

I know
Where one is

I know now
That the disabled
Who suffer
Are hidden away

Struggling through life
Battling through loss

The majority

But out of view
And in many ways

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