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Monday, January 20, 2014

Not Going To

I’m not going to judge
The people
I share
This planet with

I’m not going to pin
The demise of the world
On one person
Or group of people
Because they lead lives
Different than mine
And believe in ways
Different than me

I’m probably not ever
Going to stand
Outside anywhere
Holding a sign
Of protest

I’m not going to
Smile to someone’s face
And grumble insults under my breath
Feed the separation or
Fuel the hatred

I’m not going to
Encourage fear

It’s not my place
Or my interest
To deal in such things

And if a person around me does this
Or a church around me leans towards this
I’m not going to engage it

I’m not going to stand
On the side of the church
Whatever that means
Or on the side of the world
Whatever that means
I’m not going to stand at all
If you need me
I’ll be the one
In motion

Distancing myself
From those bent on
Protecting God
From his creation
(Did God even ask us to do that?)

Moving closer
Towards a life
Content to recognize
All we have in common
And all we can do
To help each other
Through our days

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