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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Arm's Length

We start out walking
Side by side
Talking about life
Sharing our theories
About blessings and pain
Not yet realities
So made safe
By the distance

Then true pain strikes
Interrupts our walk
And as one falls down
The arm of the other
Not to offer help
But to keep the other
Really the pain of the other
At arms length

The voice at arm’s end
Offers many opinions
About why pain is happening
About how it should be received

Offers many opinions
And very little comfort

And on the very day
That the pain stops
(And there is a chance it might not)
The voice at the end of the arm
Is the first to say
See how it worked for good
See how God cares for his own
See how weak was your faith
Only with pain
Safely over
Does the extended arm lower
And the person attached
Become eager again
To move closer
Resuming the conversation
Right where it was
Before pain cut it off  
Ignoring all
That has happened since

Confusion then
That with pain ended
It is the arm
Of the one
No longer in pain
That extends
Creates distance
And keeps anyone
Who would continue on
As if nothing has changed
At arms length

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