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Monday, September 2, 2013

Where Pain Fits

Don’t welcome
That lasts

They fight against pain
The same way
People in pain
Fight against pain
They just want it to go away

They rationalize it with
        It is for a greater good
They place blame with
        It is to discipline you
They deny it with
        God never gives
        more than you can handle
They minimize it with
        It is to refine you

They just won’t
Accept it
As is
Let it be

Acknowledge pain
But they don’t
Allow it
To stay

That would be too messy

Would require them
To figure out
What it says about us and
What it says about God
When pain doesn’t leave
Don’t welcome
Because they haven’t
Figured out
Where pain

And as a result
They haven’t
Figured out
Where people in pain

And that’s a shame
Because this world
Is chock full
Of people in pain
That don’t fit anywhere
Who could really use
A place
To belong

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