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Monday, September 16, 2013

Too Much

It’s all too much
And it’s just
Not enough

Too much
That everything
To do with him
Falls on me

Not enough
That progress
Almost two years out
Is simply
That he smiles

Too much
The effort required
To handle suffering
With some kind of grace

Not enough
To be
The only one
Making an effort
To live

Too much
The work
Of making room
For blindness
Mental illness and

Not enough
Emotional space
Mental capacity
For all that’s
Vying for attention

Something has to give
And it can’t be me for once
My giving well is dry
Someone else
Has to give now

Or not

And whatever
Comes apart
When no one is able to give
And nothing is left to give 
Is really alright 

Is really just the way
Things go

Because it’s all become
Too much
And it’s really just
Not enough

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