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Monday, April 14, 2014

Right At The Point

I never understood
The appeal of drugs
When being clear minded
Feels so good

Or the pull toward
Reckless spending
When being debt free
Feels so good

Silly me
I get it now

It’s because
Is really

Because sometimes
Feeling good
Is out of reach

Because a good buzz
And shiny new things
Truly do
Provide relief
From the pain

And pain hurts

And who
Doesn’t want

Though I do think
It’s right at the point
Where pain is felt
Right at the point
Of knowing
That pain
Can’t be
Out smarted or
Out run

Right at the point of
I can’t do this anymore and
What are my options
Right exactly at that point
That’s where real life is

That’s where
We must decide
What to do
With the pain

Numb it
Reversing months
Of sobriety or
Careful budgeting


Feel it
Endure the full extent
Of its awfulness
And find a way
To live with it

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