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Monday, April 14, 2014


When it comes
To money
I don’t have it

And that limits me
And there’s a lot I can’t do
And that bothers me

But there’s a lot I can do

I can buy birthday presents
For the kids in my life

I can buy the perfect ingredients
For a new recipe

I can get myself clothes
When I need to

I can get him two new pairs of shoes
On no special occasion

I can take my dog to the vet
And reward him with a bone

I can buy whatever medicine is needed

I can get pizza and wine
Every week
After food shopping

I can get my hair cut
And buy my favorite shampoo

I can color my hair
When it’s gray

I can bring a good gift to a baby shower

I can do all this
And still
Pay all of my bills on time
Keep myself out of overdraft
Make progress on paying down debt

That is amazing to me

Many people
Don’t have this luxury

Have barely
What they need
To pay bills
And nothing more

Many are robbed
Of the brief flash of happiness
That comes from   
Finishing out a month
With needs covered
And responsibilities met

No, I can’t do it all
But I’m doing what I can

So please don’t be offended world
If I sometimes pick
Getting a kid’s birthday present
Over dinner out with you

Getting a new outfit
Over coming to your candle party

Hiring an electrician
Over a weekend away with friends

These are the choices
I need to make
And though they are tricky
And I don’t think they’re forever

I make them daily

And I make them well

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