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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have decided
Not to take
My messed up life

I’ve decided that
My painful life
And astounding inability
To get what I want
Out of it
Isn’t because
I made
Worse decisions
Than others
Or because  
I did so much wrong
And others did so much right

But simply
I drew the short straw

My one way marriage
Where I solve problems
While he creates them
Doesn’t make me
A bad judge of character
Just someone who
Wasn’t able
To predict
The future

My career
That doesn’t pay enough
To support two lives
The way I wish
Was a choice
That made sense
At the time

My inability
To keep up
With the repairs
On my house
Doesn’t make me a bad person
Or an irresponsible planner
Just a person
Without enough money
To fix things

I am no longer
Taking personally
What has become
Of my life

I will figure out
How to fix it

I will someday
Move beyond it
I will leave what needs to be left
Let go of what can’t be fixed
But I will not
Take it

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