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Monday, November 4, 2013

Old Life

At first
It hurts
So bad
Because all
You can think of
Is your
Old life

How you’d give anything
To go back
To even
The worst
Of those days

In the middle
Of hell
With your old life
In view
But cruelly
Out of reach

It’s torture

Later on
It hurts
So bad
But not as much
Because though
You miss
Your old life
You can’t really
Remember it

You’ve moved
Just a little
Past hell
Further away
From the old life

Which though
You know existed
Is no longer
In view
At all

Torture still
But a little less so

Moving away
From what
You can’t remember
Towards somewhere
You’ve never been

Severing cords
With the familiar
Building ties
With the unknown

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