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Monday, November 4, 2013

Good Hearted

I never cared
About money
Career path
Success in typical ways

The only thing
I cared about
When it came to
Picking a spouse

Is he good
Is he kind
Does he have a
Generous heart

Because none
Of that other stuff
If I couldn’t have
Good hearted

And I found
What I wanted

And that was always
More than enough
And we were rich
In the oddest of ways

Until he left himself
Leaving me
With a shell
Of a spouse

Leaving me
Missing that kindness
Wondering where
That generous soul
Was hiding

Silly me
Had no idea
That the core of someone
Could be lost

Never money
Or career
Or success
But now
To have nothing
Not even
The only thing
The most important thing
The good heart
Is a loss

A loss
That makes
Those things
That didn’t
Matter before
Matter now

If only because
If I had those things too
There might have been
Something left
For me
When the best part of him
Went away

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