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Monday, November 18, 2013

Fully Know

I know
God loves

I know
The things
That have happened to me
Make God

I know
God works
Through people

I know
God speaks
Through nature

I know
That church
Isn’t necessary
To experience God

I know
God shines
And strangers
And friends

I know
That pain
Makes you
Look deep inside
For answers

I know
That God
Can be silent
For months

I know
That sometimes
God just
Does not
I know
That sometimes
Does not come
From God
From anywhere
I know
These things
And nothing more

I have my theories
About God
God’s presence
And God’s absence

But they are just
Best guesses
In a mysterious world
I will never
Fully know
How God works

But that is ok

Because I am loved
By this God
I can’t fully know
Loved by this God
Who fully knows me

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