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Sunday, May 7, 2017

All It Is Missing

That big game
Everyone is talking about
I won’t be at it

That concert
So many are anticipating
I won’t have tickets to
That destination vacation
Expected of every couple
Who reach the 20 year mark
It's not happening
My life isn't like that
Isn't let's go travel the world
Isn't hey look at how many
Spectacular experiences
I am cramming into
This life

Isn’t can you believe
Another bucket list item
Is checked off

My life is more
Hey good job
Paying all your bills
On time

My life is
Good show of patience
Working off
The $28K debt
You were living under
My life is  

Every day

Day to day

And does it hurt
When I consider

The things in life I’m missing
The places in the world I’m not seeing
The experiences I am not having

Yes it does
And deeply
At times

Yet maybe because
I see my reality
For what it is

Or maybe because
I’m not rightly wired
To dream big

There has always been
A certain contentment for me
In living the hours well

In doing the best I can
With what I’ve got
In knowing that
Despite all it lacks
It is every day possible
To live a great life

Rich with meaning

Strong with purpose

Enough despite
All it is missing

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