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Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Is Owed

This world is unjust

Terrible things will come

You will be asked to do
More than your fair share

It’s possible that
Your goals and dreams
Won’t happen

There are more disappointments
Than can be named

Can really

And because of this
You can sit
For a long time  
Or forever

Paralyzed from
Or raging against
The pain

You can
Find ways
To numb
What hurts

And though people
May be helpful
And empathize well

The hard truth is this

No one
Is coming
To rescue you

Everyone’s got
Their own stuff

And their stuff
Is just as hard
As your stuff

So we are together
Left with the task
Of figuring out
If this broken life
Is still worthwhile

Left with the work
Of deciding
What to do
With the hand
We’ve been dealt

Left raging
Against the knowledge
That this world owes
Every single one of us

Like a broke relative
That is never
Going to pay up

It owes us all
And it’s never
Going to pay

And yet
This injustice

It is somehow
Still possible  
To find

Just enough good
In this life

To forgive it
For what
Is owed

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