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Sunday, September 18, 2016

If I Could Scream

If I could scream
The truths
Of my life
Right now

I would tell you
So many things
I would scream
Addiction is about
To take down
My family
I would scream
Mental illness
Is hot on our heels again
And this time
I'm not sure
I can withstand
What it brings
I would scream
This life
Is not working
For me

I would scream
Screamy sounds
At the top of my lungs
But I don’t scream
Because no one screams
Because for some
Ridiculous reason
We all
Suffer in silence

Instead I smile
And do my job
Instead I take deep breathes
And small steps forward
When I can
Instead I scream
So loud
On the inside
Please no more pain
Please not again

I scream
Life’s truths

As I scream
No more

And I brace
For what
Is next  

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