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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Get Ahead Of It

When you see
My pain
Please know

I don’t need you
To get ahead of it

Or tell me it will be ok

You can’t
Get ahead of it

And it might not
Be ok

When you see
My pain
If you chose to stay
I need you only
To stand near

To witness it
With me
In silence
At times

To see what I see
And resist
Not based
On personal

The view from
Behind the pain
Is harsh

It will take from you
Show you your humanness
Highlight your helplessness

That is why
We run ahead of it

But the view
From behind the pain
Is unmatched

It will
Change you forever
Build strength deep within
And make you wise

Gifts received only
By following
The pain
We would really
So much rather
Get ahead of