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Monday, October 13, 2014


I wonder
When faith
A war

Us vs. Them

I don’t know
What God asks
Of others

But God
Hasn’t asked me
To enlist
In an army

The Lord’s army
Any army

To make
Of boundaries
The trademark
Of my faith

I am not
At war

I am not
Afraid of differences

I do not
Feel threatened
In the least
By my fellow

All I know
Is I was walking
With God
With others around me
And somehow the walk
Turned into

A march
A protest
A movement
I never
Signed up for

So I am
The walk
But separating
From the march

On my own
With a different philosophy
About what
God came
To do

About how
God would act
If here

I don’t
Think God would hide
Behind a barricade
Shooting arrows
At those who
Live differently

I think
God would walk
Among people
Unprotected, unthreatened

Loving them
Hearing them
Honoring them
Not warring with them

Just inviting them
To walk alongside

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