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Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Own Voice

If you’ve always
Had permission
To speak

Had years of practice
Speaking your truth

Valuing your own thoughts
And expressing them
To others
Who value them
Just as much

Than you can’t know
What’s it like
To not have a voice

To have lived
In many ways

You can’t know
The work
That being heard

How quiet it has to be
For me to acknowledge
My own true feelings
To even myself

How much space
Is required
For me to hear
My own voice

So this is why
You won’t find me
Yelling above the crowd
To be heard
Screaming my truths
To the world
Singing above
A whisper
At times

I’m still learning
To hear
The sound of
My own voice
So that one day
It can be shared

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