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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How Do We Live Life Knowing

How do we
Live life knowing

That everything we love
Can be taken from us
In an instant
Without cause
Or regard

Without so much
As leaving
Anything for us
To blame

How do we
Live life knowing
That our children
Might develop
Terminal illnesses

That our most
Important relationships
Could end abruptly 
On any given day

That our beloved pets
May die tragically
Or of old age
Either way, too soon

That our lives
Could end randomly
As we walk
To the store
To buy milk

How do we
Make a life
Knowing well
The risks of life

Some say  
We go on
Because life’s joys
Outweigh life’s pains
I say
It depends
Who you are

Yet still
There is something
Special about life
That keeps most of us
Willing to live it
Keeps most of us
Walking through bravely
Open to the joy
Ready for the pain

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