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Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Hand Experience

I used to
Seek God
Second hand

Structured studies
And weekly lectures
And widely accepted

And then
I would try
To make
What I had learned
Fit the circumstances
Of my life

And to be honest
It was
A forced fit
That never
Quite worked

I don’t try
So hard

I live
Immersed in
The circumstances
Of my life
And the lives
Of those
I love

And here
God is revealed
Clear as day

In everyone
And everything
I encounter
I find God now
First hand

In the lives
Of fellow travelers

In souls
Dancing free

In the sound
Of spring evenings
In the faces
Of my sisters

In every breathe

In the deep
Sweet peace
That is mine
Second hand theories
Beautifully replaced
With first hand
A gift
I wish
For us all