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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Imperfect Is Everyone

To all those
Who are part of
Or maybe even
The cause of


To those with
Strained marriages
Disappointing families
Awkward friendships

To all those
Who are bitter
When others don’t
Care enough
Come around enough
Aren’t enough

And to all those
Who carry guilt over
Not caring enough
Coming round enough
Being enough

To all
The imperfect
Interacting with
The imperfect

Here is the truth

Imperfect is
The best
We’ve got

Imperfect is
The best
We can do

Imperfect is everyone

So just maybe
We can try
To be more generous
With mercy

And just maybe
We can learn
To receive
Mercy given

We can learn
To forgive others
Their imperfections
And to humbly
Our own

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