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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Front Porch

They stand
On the front porch
With gentle breezes
And birds singing
And tell me
This is life

I invite them
Past the front door
Where it is dim

They won’t come

So I am left
To explain
That on the inside
Walls are collapsed
Ceilings are sagging
There is no air
And this is
Also life

I invite them inside
But they won’t come in
And risk losing
Their front porch
Gentle breeze view
Of the world

Front door entry
Which protects them
From the knowledge
Of what exists
Beyond it

Solidifying their
What is true
On the porch
Is true

Not budging
From the front porch
Not walking
Past the front door

On the front porch
Though the house
It’s attached to
Is falling

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