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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Anyone Else

Anyone else
Out there
By a thread

One long day
At a time

Unable to look
Too far into the future

Using every ounce
Of strength
To meet
The requirements
Of the day

What was once
A very happy

How the hell
Have an extra
Couple thousand
Every year
To travel
When I’m looking at
Yet another
Three year loan
To cover repairs
On a home
I can barely afford

Laughing off
The thought of
How any of my
Needs will be met
At retirement

When it’s all
I can do
To meet the needs
Of today

I’m now
Officially winging
This life

I’m not like
Other people
Who have
The luxury
Of a plan

There is
No plan
For lives
Like this

Or just maybe
I am exactly
Like other people

Just maybe
Everyone else
Is winging it too

But just maybe
Everyone else
Does a better job
Of hiding it

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