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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spiritual Home

I wonder
What I
Am now

I wonder
Where I

I wonder
If me
Just being me
Is enough


Without affiliation

On a long
Spiritual journey

That doesn’t end
With me finding
A spiritual home
Here on earth

My spiritual home now
Isn’t a place

It’s something
I see glimpses of
When I find
Things in common
With people I meet
Something I touch
The edge of it 
I am reminded
That we are
All the same

In need of the same grace

Craving the same
True acceptance

Of who
We really are

Not a place
But a peacefulness
Of soul

An open part of me
I can bring
Wherever I go

To add warmth
To a world
That is cold

And receive warmth
From God
Through the world
In return

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