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Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Wonder

I used to think
A sure sign
Of spiritual maturity
Was to have
More questions settled
Than outstanding

I used to strive for that

I thought
Those with fewer questions
Were further along

I thought 
It was possible
To reach a point
Of being sure

I just thought
I wasn’t
There yet

And I was humbled
To receive the prayers
Of those who tolerated
The questions
I was brave enough
To share

My journey
Was off
By just a few
Million miles

I wonder
How it would have been
To have my questions
Instead of feared

To have unanswered questions
Fully welcomed
As part of
The mystery

To have company
In the questions
To be told
It’s noble
To live the questions

To be rewarded
For questioning deeply

I wonder
How it would have been
I’ll never

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