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Monday, June 23, 2014

My Storms

I admire
Those who say
They hold tighter
To God
During life’s storms

But really
During some storms
Holding on
Is not

During some storms
The winds
Are so strong
No grip
Can be held

During some storms
Hands holding on
Are severed
And people
Are catapulted
With no control
Through the core

So though some
Can speak of
Holding tight to God
And finding meaning
In passing
Life’s tests
With honor

My storms
Aren’t like that

My storms
Leave me broken

My storms
Leave me with nothing
To offer
To God
Or Humanity

My storms
Don’t earn me
Passing marks
For life’s tests
My storms
Remind me
That as nice
As it is
To think I
Can hold on
To God
Most times
If there
Is any
Holding on
Going on

It can only
Be God
Holding on
To me

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